Warm afternoon

Professional photographers swear by the “golden hour” as the time of day with the best lighting. It’s the hour before the sun sets, throwing a warm glow over everything. The light is softer and more even on faces and is just so flattering.

It’s also a great time for families with younger children who get to run and play with Mum and Dad through a wide open field before dinner time.

The long grass shimmers in the golden light and you can see why it’s one of my favourite times of day.

"We love your work Deb! We found the photo shoot experience fun and relaxed as well as very professional. Deb has lots of experience in getting the best out of young children."
Kiki and Jonathan

The idea of being photographed can be daunting. That’s why I provide an easy, relaxing, fun experience, which is equally important as the photos themselves. With me, you and your TEAM will feel safe and completely comfortable.